Innovative development, continuous cohesion, and promotion of high enterprises - Langke online UV low ozone concentration detector is about to be launched


Qingdao Langke Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully developed new products through independent innovation in the past six months& Flash; Online ultraviolet low ozone concentration detector (0-1000ppm). This instrument is mainly used for monitoring the ozone concentration at the air conditioning inlet and outlet, detecting the concentration of ozone sterilization cabinets, detecting the ozone source of medical devices, conducting ozone experiments, research, sewage treatment engineering, and other projects.

The online ultraviolet low ozone concentration detector is a high-tech product of the specific application of photoelectric conversion detection technology. It adopts advanced microprocessing control technology, long-life high-pressure mercury lamp, and uses ozone to absorb specific wavelengths of ultraviolet light. According to Lambert Beer's law and the national environmental standard of the People's Republic of China, the "Determination of Ozone in Environmental Air - Ultraviolet Photometric Method" The verification and calibration methods of JJG 1077-2012 "Verification Regulations for Ozone Gas Analyzers" are designed and manufactured with the characteristics of long service life, high data stability and accuracy, convenient use and maintenance, and simple operation. During use, the instrument can achieve automatic zero calibration, ensuring the accuracy of concentration and avoiding zero drift. It is also equipped with a standard 4-20mA signal output function, which can remotely monitor the status of the instrument in real-time.

New product research and development is the foundation and source of development for a strong enterprise. Langke will continue to be committed to the research and development of new products, continuously transform technological achievements, continuously create high-quality products, form independent intellectual property rights for the enterprise, and make sufficient preparations for the next step of high-tech enterprise application work, striving to improve the company's market competitiveness among industries.